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So Cornwall is the county of all things magical which is steeped with

an assortment of myths and legends none more famous than

the pixies you can find here! Pixies are mischievous in nature

and are seldom seen unless of course you are in the right place

at the right time! 

These gorgeous new additions introduce new enchanted

characters to the extremely popular and hard to find Cornish

pixies and gnomes. Foxglove, like her other pixie friends is

very shy, her soft pale summer colours of lilacs and sapling

greens help her hide in the garden perfectly. She still adorns

her wings,which means she too is a good pixie

Her clothing is a blend of

soft linens and hessian and has tiny parts to it that are wired

so you can style her in your own way. Tiny bows on her toes

and sparkly fairy dusted wings complete her look.

Foxglove is fully jointed and an adults collector bear 

suitable for collectors aged 14 years and above.

She is a numbered limited

edition of only 600 pieces worldwide