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GIBSONS....Pass the Bomb.. the big one

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Harness your brain power and test your skills, as you take on the weird and wonderful challenges of Pass the Bomb –

The Big One! The latest game in the Pass the Bomb range is finally here and family board game nights will never be the same again. 

Roll the die, trigger the time-bomb and attempt to complete the task before passing it to the next player.

Keep playing while the infernal time-bomb ticks away but watch out – the time-bomb is unstable and could “detonate” at any moment!

This action-packed, frantic-fun version of the best-selling fast-paced word game, Pass the Bomb, provides family fun for all ages. 

Pass the Bomb – The Big One contains 5 different challenges. Rhyme Artist tests players’ rhyming abilities,

Word Acrobat forces players to think of words containing all three of the letters on the cards, Category

Captain challenges you to think of things that are “Smaller than a mouse” or “larger than an elephant”,

Puzzle Pro tests your puzzling skills and Bounce Boss pushes your dexterity to the limit –

can you bounce that little wooden ball into that tiny cup? All the while the ticking time-bomb piles on the pressure! 

Pass the Bomb – The Big One is suitable for groups of 2 – 8 players of 8 years and above.