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Measuring in at an amazing 45inches  (114cm)

Limited edition of 30

Kaycee Bear Dragons just get a whole lot Bigger!!!!!

MEET  Odin dragon is the biggest yet, but he's a big softie.

Made from most beautiful soft, dense plush in golden brown with lighter shades and a little black tipping.

His long nose is carefully sculpted with a spotty effect and big nostrils

He is  one of the first Kaycee dragons to have horns!

He's fully jointed with wobble-joints for a life-like feel which makes him great for a drape over the shoulder cuddle

Kaycee Bears are designed by Kelsey Cunningham and hand-made in England.

Each bear is fully jointed, with a pretty crystal to be found on their paw pad or ear, and a hand-written swing tag.