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Mattel Jurassic World Fossil Strikers Velociraptor Figure

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Now kids can play "paleontologist" with the Jurassic World Fossil Strikers Assortment. This assortment contains four different dinosaurs and their fossilized bones with instructions on how to build the complete dinosaur. Included are: one Velociraptor, one Stygimoloch, one Triceratops and one Pteranadon. Once each dinosaur is assembled, fans can place them in their standee next to the accompanying placard that contains facts and information about the dinosaur. It's like having your very own Jurassic World Natural History Museum! Each dinosaur also comes with a DNA "activation" key that triggers a strike movement iconic to that species and brings them to life: the velociraptor chomps, the Stygimoloch and the Pteranadon head butt, and the Pteranadon has a wing flap. Each set includes fossilized dinosaur bones, standee and placard.