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  • Rapidough Fast Paced Charades Based Dough Modelling Game by Drumond Park

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    The team game of sculpting charades. Each turn the team's sculptors must model the entry on their card. The 1st team to guess correctly what their sculpter is creating wins the round.

    However, there is a twist - the winning team gets to steal a plug of dough. The result is that teams can end up with a pea-size piece of dough to model with. The results are hilarious. Played in teams of two or more..

    Box Contains:
    • 2 x Pot of 175g of Dough (Blue and Yellow)
    • 2 x Modeling Mats
    • 2 x Modeling Mats
    • 2 x Rapidough Plungers
    • 300 x Rapidough Challenge Cards
    • 1 x Instructions