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Sylvanian Families Grandmother at Home Set..... Brand New & Boxed..

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Sylvanian Families is a unique and adorable range of distinctive animal characters with charming and beautifully detailed homes, furniture and accessories. They live, work and play in the idyllic and wonderful land of Sylvania.
Tailbury Dog Grandmother Jacqueline Tailbury is an expert at knitting, dressmaking and tapestry. She loves making things for all her family, especially the grandchildren. The older ones like to sit at her feet and listen to her stories as she gently rocks & knits. Everyone loves her colourful creations (& her stories too!).
Box Contains.....1 x Sylvanian Figure...1 x glasses 1 x Rocking chair
1 x Knitting Basket 1 x Table  1 x Mug 1 x Plate 5 x Biscuits
3 x Knitting balls2 x Knitting Needles1 x Pair of scissors
2 x Cotton reels 1 x Ruler 1 x Cotton picker 2 x Knitting magazines