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TAMAGOTCHI Friends..... Red Metallic front /pink back by Bandai

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Tamagotchi Friends is an update to the original Tamagotchi toy from the '90s. Like the original, once your Tamagotchi Friends egg hatches, you must take care of the digital friend by feeding it, giving it medicine when it's sick, bathing it, and playing games to earn Gotchi Points. Gotchi Points can be used to buy meals, snacks, and jewelery. How well you take of your Tamagotchi Friend will determine how the character grows and develops. There are three buttons on the egg-shaped device that kids press to navigate through the different activity options. If kids aren't able to play with their device for a long stretch of time, they can pause it so that their character doesn't get bored and leave. The sound can also be turned off. Tamagotchi Friends is available in six designs.